Plastic bag production

We produce plastic bags for bakeries, the confectionery industry, gardening, clothing production and other enterprises. We have four plastic bonding machines. In addition, to our plastic bags we can apply adhesive tape, bottom and side folds, and paper reinforcement of the base.

Advantages that directly encourage the use of plastic packaging include:

  • very high resistance of plastic to mechanical damage (piercing), e.g. crusty bread;
  • very high resistance to low temperatures;
  • very high efficiency of plastic thanks to its thickness;
  • high flexibility of plastic. It can be used to make practically all types of packaging used by bakeries;
  • great relationship between quality and price;
  • for the target customer (bakery), selection of plastic packaging means lower environmental taxes;

Reduction of production costs, which is more important than ever, is another advantage that encourages selection of plastic packaging. Businesses want their products to meet the high quality and utility standards, maintaining as low production cost as possible. Thus producers spare no efforts on cutting packaging costs at various stages of production and supply chain.
Plastic is the cheapest available solution and the most effective for some products. Packaging made from thin plastic is supposed to keep intact its content to the time of unpacking by the final user, protect against dirt and limit influence of such factors as humidity and oxygen, and improve aesthetic values of the product. The most important technical parameter is mechanical resistance of plastic and its bond.
Optical values are equally important, since they increase packaging aesthetics of products. Selection of plastic thickness is very important. Thinner plastic means lighter packaging, less space needed for packaging storage with the same productivity and lower environmental taxes.